Art is when you hear a knocking from your soul, and you answer

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Fernando Eiroa         

The story, the family footprint, the blood, the experience. Fernando was born in A Coruña playing between glasses frames and machines, in the glasses factory of which his father was director and designer. He grew up learning the trade of optics while his initiative and instinct led him to embark on business and creative projects in which he always demonstrated his talent and vision for business. Now, after almost 50 years of experience behind the historic Optica Galerias, Impronta was born as all those projects that become unique, by pure INSTINCT.

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the process . . .

INSPIRATION: origin, starting point or beginning of any idea that aspires to materialize. MOTIVATION: transit through a constant trial-error binomial, parallel to life, where improvement and growth are processes that never end.

PERFECTION: understood as a search or path, in which the set of small differences provide each piece with a personal and non-transferable stamp. RESPECT: tradition and professional heritage as an added value, inherent in the philosophy of the brand.

NOBILITY: granted by the material that conforms it. Wood, element that flows and mutates, reflecting the trace of time in the one who carries it.

TALENT: combination of the legacy received and deeply personal vision of the object, which becomes a faithful reflection of its creator.

AMBiCION: constant struggle, overcoming limits and expectations, in search of new paths to travel.

the soul of  I M P R O N T A


It is said of that peculiar and distinctive feature that a person leaves in their works and that distinguishes them from others.